Writer, Musician, Comedian, Voice Actor, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and Entertainer
Michael's content specializes in improvisational elements, specifically in the fields of live-streaming, YouTube, and other various social media types.

Michael has grown many successful brands in his career, including, but not limited to, "Roughhouse", an online channel/comedy group in which he is a lead personality, delivering podcasts, vlogs, and comedy gaming videos to his audience, alongside "Raising The Bar".

"Raising The Bar" is a biannual charity fundraising initiative created for a livestreaming format to raise money for the charities who need it most. In five livestreams, "Raising The Bar'' has raised $100,583.01" for charity.

Michael has also helped other brands grow, such as the “AntVenom” YouTube channel in which he co-produced nearly 100 million views worth of content during his time on the channel.

Michael's funny moments have spawned millions of clicks from viewers, some going fairly viral on websites like TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Fans of “SMPLive”, “SMP Earth”, and “Dream SMP” may recognize him as the guy who’s really loud. Some fans even go as far to steal it and reupload it because it does so well, to which Michael condemns this, so please stop stealing his fucking content.

Michael has also created an extremely marketable mascot, with the very talented help of his voice actor and artists who bring her to life. "Alesa" is a very fun sidekick to many moments on Michael's streams, and has become somewhat of a personality in and of herself with many moments spawned from Allanah Fitzgerald, either scripted or completely improvised, while live on stream. Alesa's current artistic incarnation would be nothing without the talented help of both "Osidinum", alongside "avizenith", and her voice actor, Allanah.

Currently, Michael is writing music for an unnamed project, alongside developing a brand new show for his YouTube channel, and working to make his Twitch streams even better, while developing more interesting concepts for "Raising The Bar" and "Roughhouse". Yeah, it's a lot.

Michael hopes to expand his production capabilities past just YouTube, and lean into a side of Twitch that has yet to be explored, but can not currently be announced. You'll just have to wait and see.